Bryce Knight

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky,
In 2006, I packed my bags and moved to Santa Monica, California.
I am a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
I spend most of my time building tech startups and public companies.
I got started by helping small companies go public.
Everything from energy drinks and casinos to oil companies.
Some did better than others.
I decided it was time to do my own thing.
So I started Invent Ventures, the first publicly-traded tech incubator in Santa Monica.
Later, we sold the controlling-stake in Invent to these guys.
I cofounded Virurl, an adtech company. It sold to Revenue.com.
We then sold Revenue.com to EquityAds.
I also cofounded Stockr, a much-hyped social network for investors.
That one didn't work out, but I learned some lessons and started Private Stock Market.
I often provide advisory services and sit on boards for companies, like this one and this one.
You can read more about my companies, if you're interested.
You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIN, and AngelList.
But it is probably easier to just email me.